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Christmas Door Decorating Contest!

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 15:38
Article by Kelby Jeppson

During the Christmas season, Springville Jr. High has a door decorating contest for all of the teachers.  Mrs. Murray, a FACs teacher, says, “I don't know if the door decorating is an official tradition, but we do it most years.”  Whether or not we do this every year, this is still a fun tradition that most students and teachers enjoy.  Since this is a contest, there has to be a winner, and this year Mr. Jackman and his classes won.  The runners up were Ms. Ottley, Mr. Beebe, the Counseling Office, and Ms. Edenfield.  Congratulations to them and to all the teachers that decorated a door!

According to Mrs. Murray, the Student Council decides on a theme each year.  This years theme was Christmas movies.  One year they had specific colors that you could use!  Mr. Jackman, an English teacher, says, “ I wanted to decorate it as a Christmas movie that is also scary.  I let my class vote between Gremlins and Krampus.  After they voted on Gremlins, we brainstormed as a class and came up with all of the ideas for what we ended up doing.”  He also mentions that all of his classes helped him work on it.  According to Scout Benson, who helped work on Ms. Pina’s door, someone in her third period class came up with the idea to decorate it as Santa and Jack Skellington.  “For our classroom door, I thought it would be fun to connect the subject I teach (foods), so we went with the four main food groups of elves, from the movie 'Elf.' It makes me smile and chuckle when I see it - and when I see other people make the connection between the door and the class. I also think it's funny to "elf" people so this year Mrs. Luke and I are "elf"ed as Buddy the Elf,” says Mrs. Murray.

All of the doors turned out really good and all of the teachers seemed pretty happy about them!  Mr. Jackman says, “I felt fantastic about the end result.  Every student helped out to create something that was equal parts adorable and terrifying.”  Mrs. Murray says, “I think the door decorating contest is a lot of fun. This is my favorite time of year and decorating our classroom doors is just fun and brings lightness and joy to our busy days at school. Anything to help us smile more!”  According to Scout Benson, it was really hard making the two people cutouts fit together, but in the end, it was really great!

Christmas is such a fun time by itself, but the door decorating contest makes it even more fun! Congratulations again to Mr. Jackman and the runner ups.  Everyone did such a great job!