CTE! (Specifically Mr. Rencher)

Article by Trey Widtfelt, SJHS Student Staff Writer

It goes by many names, CTE, CACA, (College And Career Awareness)  so on, and so forth. The purpose of the class is to prepare you for the ramen consuming, Nickelback listening chaos that is college. There are three classes all going in a trimester where you cycle through each teacher. There is Mrs. Bird, the home ec teacher, Mr. Parker, the computer sciences teacher, and finally, Mr. Rencher, who does, well, most of the College prep. Mr. Rencher is the main target of this, as he is probably the biggest asset to the College and Career studying. One of the students even verified that they have been studying potential jobs that they could get, and specifically which one appeals to them the most. They currently working on woodworking, (Did I mention there is a humongous wood shop just through a door in the front of the class? Well there is.) which they go and create puzzles, models, etc. Completely out of… Well, wood. They said as well they enjoyed Mr. Rencher as the teacher, and liked his teaching style as well. (Probably because of his love of OK GO music videos.) The primary source of the education and the most necessary part of the program is what is called UtahFutures.Org. Go ahead and check it out, most likely students will or already have. There is also an elective included for most of these classes, and it can be a great add for credit, so go ahead and check it out!