Stazie Killpack SJHS Student Staff Writer


Dances are one of the highlights for students at Springville Jr High. We have about 4-5 dances a year, and each one is extremely fun. Student council come up with crazy themes for each dance. This upcoming dance is the Fifties, we have also had a Christmas themed dance.

Zach Mitchell, an eighth grade student, says he loves the dances. It’s a good time to hang out with friends and socialize. He wishes they were longer and hopes that this dance will have good songs.

Next is Emelia Randolph, a ninth grade girl, says that dances are her favorite things at the jr. high. She said she would love to have a classy black and white themed dance. “Dances are a great time to party and have fun.”

Avery Nelson, an eighth grade girl, says that she loves to go to dances! They are a great time to socialize and fun with lots of people. She wishes they were longer, and that more slow dances were played.

Some people don’t have the popular opinion on dances. Austin Ewell and Laney Scott, ninth graders, said that they don’t really enjoy dances. They said that dances create lots of drama and are really awkward for both girls and boys. When good music is going, they can be tons of fun.

Andrew Haneberg, an eighth grade boy, states that dances are a lot of fun. The christmas dance was his favorite because it was so festive.

In closing, school dances are a lot of fun and provide a good fundraiser for the school.