Article by Anya Keil


No this article is not about the premiere of the ‘Walking Dead’. If it was I’m sure those of you who watched it would cry right now. Sorry Glen, you'll have to come back in a different article!

This is about the day of the dead. Halloween has just barely rolled over SJHS and on account of that Mrs.Edman has started her tradition of Day of the Dead. She finished up her decorations on Monday and we have some pictures of the classes amazing work. From hand made paper flowers to learning more about the mexican culture, this is a great way to celebrate this holiday.

Mrs. Edmans’ third period has made an amazing display in and outside of their classroom, you should check it out down the Q hall! It displays Spanish text that may used during this holiday such as “El Pan de Muerto”, translated to “Bread of the Dead. It’s a type of sweet roll traditionally baked in Mexico. “La Ofrenda” which means an offering, or “Las Calacas” is a type of skeleton.

Mrs. Edmans decorations are awesome and her students worked hard to help make it!