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The December Super Knights!

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 01/16/2014 - 13:40
Emma Whipple, SJHS Staff Writer
The December Super Knights

 Yes that’s right, the December Super Knights have been awarded!  At the assembly on Friday December 20, at SJHS, all six were announced.  Sarah Reber and Kaiden Exon are the seventh grade Super Knights, followed by Marissa Roper and Jonathan Young as the eighth grade Super Knights, and finally Maryn Giles and McCaiden Begay as the ninth grade Super Knights.  Here are some of the comments that teachers said about them!  

Sarah Reber: 

* She always has a positive attitude.  Sarah is eager to learn and is always nice and friendly to everyone.* Sarah is what every student should be, happy and willing to try her best on every assignment

* She is nice to everyone she comes in contact with.  She is a great critical thinker and she always tries her best.

* I love having her in class!  She is so much sun to have in class.  She is always happy and I have never had a student who tries harder.  Sarah is definitely a super knight!  

Kaiden Exon: 

* He is an excellent student. He always gets his homework and assignments in on time and always tries his hardest.

* I know this student in and out of school and have always been impressed by his chivalrous attitude.  Kaiden exemplifies what a Springville Junior High Knight should be.* Kaiden is a hard worker and always completes his assignments. He is very respectful and will be successful in whatever career he chooses.

Marissa Roper: 

* She always pays attention and tries her hardest.  She always comes to class with a positive attitude.

* Marissa is a very diligent, kind, and responsible student.  She is the perfect combination of successful learner, responsible citizen, and effective communicator.  Marissa always monitors her own learning.  She is kind and willing to help other students.  I enjoy having her in class every single day.  She is a delight.

Jonathan Young: 

* He is a fabulous student. He is always willing to answer questions and help those around him. Jonathan consistently goes above and beyond the expectations in my classroom. He has a positive attitude and is a great example to everyone in the classroom.

* He is a great student! Jonathan works well with others, always gets his work done, and has a good attitude.

Maryn Giles: 

* She is a wonderful student!  Maryn comes into my class every day with a happy attitude.  She is truly a leader and example to her classmates.  Not only is she bubbly and friendly to her peers, but she's also a hard worker.  Maryn wants to do her best in everything she does.  She participates in class and always contributes to discussions or questions.

McCaiden Begay: 

* He puts forth extra effort to make sure he is doing the right thing. I am proud of him for his hard work.  He is a humble and respectful student. I appreciate his hard work and sense of humor.  He is a very good listener and also a deep thinker. I have really enjoyed having him in my class.  McCaiden works hard every day in class. He asks good questions and does high quality work.  He is the hardest working guy I know. McCaiden is very friendly and always willing to share cool things in his life.

“It’s nice to be appreciated for doing your best,” said Marissa Roper, the eighth grade girl Super Knight.  The announcement of the Super Knights was followed by a presentation from student leaders from UVU.

Five student leaders from the university introduced some college classes available at Utah Valley University and also talked about student life.  They talked about clubs and fun classes that they themselves have taken, and other classes that different students have taken.  Also each one of them shared a fun story to go along with the presentation of some of the clubs or different classes to get students more excited and interested.  At the end of the assembly, the student leaders had made a little Jeopardy game about their presentation.  The assembly was split in three teams and students had a chance to win a backpack or a t-shirt by answering questions about UVU.  

But once again, congratulations to all the December Super Knights!