Disney movies, old vs new!

Article by Saydie Vanleuven - SJHS Student Staff Writer

New Disney movies vs the old. Which one do you think will win? Dylan Miles, an eighth grader, said that he likes the new movies better because there is more action in them. Kyle Snyder explained he likes the new movies better because they are more realistic. Chevelle, a seventh grader, says that she likes the new versions of the movies because they seem more interesting.

Dylan Miles thinks that it’s a good idea to make the new disney movies and Kyle agrees.Also Chevelle thinks it’s a really good idea to make the new versions of disney movies because they are more interesting and more realistics.

Some of the new disney movies that were remade are Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast. It is such a smart idea to make newer versions, even though the old versions are great, the newer versions in some people’s opinions are better.