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Dribble and Shoot: Girls Basketball

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 01/22/2020 - 11:34
Article was written by student: Tava Groves

      The girls on the ninth grade basketball team are talented in many ways. They are incredibly talented on the court, but they are also talented in being amazing people off the court.

       According to Mr. Hammon, “The best part of coaching is the girls. It is so awesome to watch them succeed and get better, and they also make me laugh every day.”  “The girls” as Mr. Hammon mentioned are the ninth-grade girl’s basketball team- Katie Anderson, Elise Barson, Kristine Bartholomew, Georgia Dial, Amanda Felix, Juliana Giles, Angela Harris, Paris Herrick, Karolina Juarez, Suli Lauaki, and Natalie Parker. 

     In an interview with one of the team captains, Zoie Smith, she said, “I tried out for basketball because being a part of the team is just super fun. My favorite memory of the team is cheering on my teammates in a tight game” The team of ninth-graders practice hard 3 Times a week, or whenever they don’t have a game.  with Coach Hatch, a seventh grade Utah Studies teacher, and Mr. Hammon the eight-grade health teacher.

     So far the team has has great season. SJHS hopes to see them win the tournament at the end of the season. Good Luck!