Earthquake in Utah? SJHS is Prepared

Abby Carlton; SJHS Staff Writer
Students at SJHS participate in The Great Shakeout

On Thursday, April 21st, schools, businesses and hospitals in Utah participated in The Great Shakeout earthquake drill, and here at Springville Junior High, we did the same. This earthquake drill is very beneficial to us in Utah because it has been about 300 years since we have had a major earthquake in the state and the earthquakes come about every 300 years. However, according to the article, “Big earthquake could happen in Utah sooner than we think”, by Jason Nguyen, in KSL, we have about 800 earthquakes a year that we just do not feel. But, chances are that we will have a big earthquake soon. The Great Shakeout website said, “90% of Utah's population lives in active earthquake zones.”

But there is no need to worry. You can be prepared by practicing the earthquake drill with the schools in Utah and preparing a 72 hour kit with flashlights, food, first aid, etc. for you and your family.  According to KSL, nearly 1 million Utahns participated in The Great Shakeout earthquake drill. That is a lot of people! But, it is really good to be prepared for. 

Grace Elison, an eighth grade student at Springville Junior High, said, “The earthquake drill helped me feel prepared, and I learned what to do and how to act if there is ever an earthquake at school.”

Megan Jones, another eighth grade student, said, “I know that I need to be serious about the drills, because if there is an earthquake I need to stay calm and be prepared.”While earthquakes can be very scary, students here in Springville are now more prepared than they were, and luckily, we got to participate in this earthquake drill and prepare for any possible future earthquakes.