The End Of Basketball Season

Azhdon Vest SJHS Student Staff Writer


Here at SJHS, the basketball season has ended. Many students have their own opinion about basketball and the loss that SJHS had that day.

7th grader Axston Squire says that he doesn't like basketball, because he is “Not good at it” and also didn’t watch the last SJHS tournament game. And doesn't plan on watching it next season.

Tristan Sandate, an 8th grader, said that he thinks basketball is “all right”  because it is not interesting to him, he also brought up that he didn’t watch the last SJHS game, but thinks they could have used better strategy during the game, and it would increase their chance of winning.

Darren Allred, another 8th grader, says that he likes basketball because it is fun to play, but didn't watch the last game. And said that he “probably wont” watch the next game.

Yet another 8th grader Trevor Wright said that he kind of likes basketball because it is a good activity to “ Play with friends” but did not watch the last SJHS game.

And last of all Traydon Shepard  other wise known as Trey said “I like basketball because it's fun to play,” but sadly did not watch the last game the school played, but agrees with Tristan that they should try new types of strategies and that might help them win the next game.

It appears that these students at SJHS may not be basketball fans, but hopefully we will be able to grow the basketball community, and get more people to see the games.