The End of Football Season

Article by Oakley Toelupe - SJHS Student Staff Writer

So, football season is gone. Not like college or NFL, but for the Springville youth program, the field is empty now. No more cheerleaders cheering, no players playing, no refs reffing, it’s nothing. We did have a great season, though. Nick Welsch led Springville Red through the season undefeated, and moved on to defeat Ryan Strong’s Springville Navy in 2017’s 8th grade Super Bowl.

Now Springville White, they didn’t do so good. But at the same time, they didn’t do so bad either. Brad Mertz led Springville White and ended the season with a 4 and 4 record. Although they didn’t end with a super good record, they fought hard. Maybe just as hard as the other Springville teams.

Anyways, a few of the players from the teams had something to say about the season coming to an end. Pata Kaisa, an 8th grader at SJHS, says he misses football. “There’s nothing to do after school now, because we don’t have practice anymore. So I just sit around doing nothing.” Miguel Pina, another 8th grader at SJHS, says he’s gonna miss football as well. “The season and the practices were lit. It sucks because we don’t do it anymore.”

Some people, though, like Parker Lavin, say that they don’t mind football season being over. “I wasn’t good anyways. But now there’s nothing to do after school, so that sucks.” Whether they got playing time or not, you can clearly tell that they miss practice. When you got football practice for an hour and a half, you have to limit your after school activity time and make sure it doesn’t go on too late. But when football season ends, all that time you spent doing hitting drills and scrimmaging is now free for whatever. Except, you were so busy practicing, you have no idea what to do, because it’s all new to you now. You started over a new life now… haha, not really, but anyways…

There’s not much else to know about the season. There were very few injuries, other than getting the wind knocked out of you and some cramps. And even though one of the best running backs in the league, Austin Mertz, an 8th grader at MJHS, was taken out early in the season, everyone seems to have wanted to play running back. Ironic, huh?

Anyways, this season will go down in the books. It was a great, and grueling, season. The players can still feel it, the coaches know it. Even the fans had a feeling about the season. This season was great, but let’s see what next year holds.