End of the school year!

Article by Saydie Vanleuven and Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

At Springville Junior High School, the school year is rapidly closing in and many students are excited for their summer break to begin, but before the school year can end the students must take SAGE tests or  (Student Assessment Growth and Excellence test) we not only have tests to finish but we have many fun events coming up Lagoon,Boondocks for Super Knights, school dances and classroom parties.

Ariane Perez/Diaz said that she is excited but nervous for the school year to end but nervous for sage testing. When asked if she like SAGE testing she said that she likes it because it doesn't go on SIS. And she is excited for summer break to begin because she wants to hang out with friends.

Brynn Ross said that she is ecstatic for summer to begin and she thinks that summer is a good break from school.

Jane Wilson said that she is glad the school year is almost done. She said that she doesn't like SAGE testing but is relieved when she finishes, she loves summer break.

Since the end of the school year is rapidly closing in and many student are excited for it to finish hopefully SAGE testing goes well for all students and all students have fun at Lagoon.