Entertaining half of technology

Article by Azhdon Vest - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Everyone is excited about the new forms of technology that is being released, such as all of the different phones. But you can't forget about the more entertaining side of technology and that is Video Games.

Many people play Video Games on their phone, or their favorite at home gaming console. Here are some SJHS students opinions on their favorite games and consoles.

Tristan Sandate Prefers to play on the Xbox one and likes all the different types of game genres that have been released, but his favorite game so far has been Battlefield 1 , Because it has a good settings with lots of content along with great graphics.

Jesus Hernandez Also prefers the xbox one and will play any type of video game except puzzle games. So far his favorite game has been Watch_Dogs 2 Because it is openworld and you are able to do anything you like and it is based in San Francisco.

Darren Allread, like many prefers the Xbox One S and will play any type of games that are released. But also like Tristan enjoys to play Battlefield 1 Because of the genre the game is, It has good graphics, and the setting where the game is played.

Trevor Wright being the only one on this list that prefers the PlayStation 4 likes Open World Stealth games. His favorite game has been Rainbow Six Siege because it is competitive and you need to be tactical in what you do.

Many of the SJHS students like the new forms of technology that are coming out along with the new Video Games that are being released. It also seems that most of the gamers in SJHS prefer to play on the Xbox One over any of the other consoles.