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Game, Set, Match

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 10/30/2019 - 13:20
Article written by student: Brooke Constantine

15, love, 40, love, 40, 15, game!  Springville Jr High Schools tennis team, who are they?  How'd they do? What do they do? 

The following girls tried out and made the tennis team for 2019.  Junior Varsity girls are, Danica Gwilliam, Sydney Hardy, Aralynn Luzuriaga, Janice Davis, Camille Unguren, Melat Degala, Savannah Rollins, and Caitlyn Hirschi.  Varsity girls are, Natalie Aragon, Tatum Chamberlain, Brooke Constanine, Millie Thomson, Kate Peterson, Ginny Peterson, Adria Young, and Lily Killpack. The head coach of the team is Mr Dahl and the assistant coach is Mr Parker (or Natalie Aragon).  Why did they choose to play tennis? Danica Gwilliam replied with, “I wanted to try something new.” A good portion of the tennis team just barely started playing tennis, they joined the team because they wanted to try something new. What kind of things do the girls do to prepare for a match?  Natalie Aragon replied with, “I have to mentally prepare and have confidence in my serves.” Millie Thomson, Janice Davis, and Adria Young all replied with “practicing and a short rally before.” Practice makes perfect! The tennis team would practice every day after school. Their practices consisted of practice matches, challenge matches, tennis games, ball machine and more.  The season started September 10 and ended October 3. JV had their district tournament October 7 and Varsity had theirs October 8. Both JV and Varsity did good and had lots of fun.

The season for the Springville Jr High Schools tennis team has now come to an end.  The girls had a very successful season had built good lasting relationships with each other.  Let's go Knights!