Get to know the Ladies in the Front Office!

Article by Emma Biesinger

Did you ever wonder who calls you down to the front office? The ladies in the front office and the finance office are a big part of our school and now you get to learn more about them and what they do everyday.

Ms. Bales, the lady in the Finance Office has been working at SJHS for 22 years. She explains that she enjoys meeting new kids every year and she also explains her typical day in the finance office by saying, “Typically I make sure all the subs are here and I take receipts for kids and I pay bills for the school.” Ms. Bales explains that her favorite part of the day is interaction with the teachers and students. If Ms. Bales could change anything in the school she said, “I would turn us into Jr. Red Devils and cut the Knights.

Mrs. Davenport in the Front Office has been working here at SJHS for 7 years. She explains that she loves it when she gets to meet new kids its one of her favorite parts. Her typical day in the front office is as she says, “It’s the same but different, you’ve got students that come in and parents coming in and you just go with the flow.” Mrs. Davenports favorite part of the day is, “Seeing the students and parents. You develop different relationships and it’s kinda fun.” If she could change one thing about the school she says, “More teachers out in the halls greeting kids and making them feel more welcomed and acknowledged.”

Ms. Davis, one of the other ladies in the front office, has only been working here since the start of the school. Although she has not been here a super long time she says that it has been fun to get to know the kids. For Ms. Davis the typical day for her is, “We start helping when we get here in the morning and we help kids and take calls, but as soon as the bell rings we are working.” She also says, “The whole day is my favorite part but I love helping kids and parents.” If she could change one thing in the school she explains that she would leave it the same because the structure is good and she would leave the rules the same.

Since this is Ms. Davis’ first year, make sure you pop in the front office and say “Hi” to her to make her first year great. And don’t forget to also say “Hi” to Mrs. Davenport and Ms. Bales to make their years great as well.