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Getting Groovy with Art Class

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Thu, 01/10/2013 - 10:19
Maryn Giles, SJHS Staff Writer

Have you ever said to yourself, I am such a bad artist?  I can’t even draw a straight line! And have you ever wanted to draw better than a four year old?  And actually make your flowers look like flowers and not like bombs? 

Well, at Springville Junior High School we have a art class that everyone loves. There are some students who find that art helps and inspires them.  Brayden Howell, a seventh grader, said, “Art is inspiring.” Some of the students have families that are very artistic, and they get inspired by them to do art and see where it will take them. 

Izzy Nicholes, another seventh grader, said, “Art says so much, for and about you. It represents how original you can be.”  Even though art might not  be easy at first, just as long as you are dedicated to it you will succeed eventually. 

Right now the art students are working on paper mache masks, which are masks that you mold of your face and then put newspaper over the molds. The students find that at first it is really difficult, but if they practice and practice even at home in their free time, their masks get better, and  Mr. Cudney is also happy with them.  Kaylee Middlebrook, a seventh grader, said, “ Art is long and hard, and takes a lot of time and work, in the end it turns out good.” Some students who have extra free time will ask Mr. Cudney for extra projects they can do, which gives them more time to practice, and the students improve. 

Izzy Nicholes also said, “My cousins are artists. They taught me how to draw in different cultures, and different types of art.”  Art class all together will help you throughout your life, many students said. It’s not just about the pictures; it’s about all the different types of art that are out in the world.