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A Girl's Guide to Getting Ready For a Dance!

Submitted by tara.pina on Wed, 12/14/2016 - 11:19
Article by Kelby Jeppson


At Springville Jr. High, there is an upcoming Christmas Dance on December 15!  Getting ready for a dance can be really stressful, especially for girls!  In this article, some girls that attend SJHS will share their experience of getting ready and share their tips with you.   

One of the problems about getting ready is how long it takes.  For some girls it can take a long time but for other girls it may even be not very long at all!  According to Nicole Fernandez, an eighth grader,  it takes her about 15 to 20 minutes to get ready for a dance.  Ninth grader, Hailey Gabbitas, says, “It takes about an hour to get ready.”  Eighth grader, Sammy Waite, explains, “It depends on the dance.”  If it is a more formal dance, it may take up to an hour.  If it is a regular dance, then it is pretty quick.  

In order to save a little bit of time, some girls have shared their time saving tricks for when getting ready.  Hailey states, “Just don’t mess up!”  “I think ahead of what I want to wear,” says Nicole.  In the opinion of Sammy, take your time.  If you start early enough, you will most likely have enough time to get yourself all ready to go.

Every girl gets ready in a different way, and every girl has different struggles when getting ready.  Sammy says the hardest thing is her hair and makeup.  On the other hand, the easy part is “the dress, you just put it on!”  Hailey also thinks the hardest thing is makeup and the easiest thing is what to wear.  From Nicole’s point of view, the hard thing is deciding what to wear!

When the struggle of getting ready is over, it is finally time to actually go to the dance.  Nicole says, “The best part about going to the dances is being with friends and people you know.”  “The best part is dancing, of course!” exclaims Sammy.  Hailey says, “I love going to the dances so I can hang out with people.  The dances are also a great place where you can bond with your friends!”

Whether or not you can relate to these things, hopefully you will be able to have a good time at the dance and a stress free time getting ready!