Good and Bad Days

Article by Lindsay Gardiner

Everybody has good days and bad days,  it's just a part of life. Even the students at SJHS have mixed days. Sometimes you go on a trip or you get a new sibling. Those can be some of the best days of someone's life. Some days you lose someone you love or you move away from your home. Those days aren't as good. Sometimes a day can be good or bad just because things went right or if things did not go your way.

Eighth grader Tucker Kelsey said one of the best days of his life was when he went to Disneyland. Tucker also said that the worst days of his life is "when I come to school on Mondays or when I have to wake up early on Saturdays." Seventh grader Adam Ferrin said that one of the best days of his life is when he went to Oregon he said, "I got to go see new places and see new things." Eighth grader Nathan Ewing said that one of the best days he's had was the zoo field trip since he got to skip school so he could go see animals. Nathan said, "One of the worst days I've had was when I lost my dog because I was really close to my dog." Eighth grader Collin Tigerina said that his best day was the day he met D. Merry Icus Thomas since that was the day he met his legend. He said that one of his worst days was moving because he had no friends here when he came. Seventh grader Audrey Hawkins said one of the worst days of her life was when she moved but one of the best days of her life was leaving elementary school. She said "I was excited to get back together with my old friends and to have more than one teacher. Ninth grader Abigail Palmer said that one of her worst days was when her grandma passed away. She said that they were really close and so she was gone too soon. On a brighter note for Abigail she said that one of the best days of her life was when she went to Hawaii. "It was the first time I went on a plane and the weather was warm there."

Lots of things have happened to the students at our school good and bad and these are just a few but there is a lot more. What are some of the days that were either the best or the worst days of your life?