A Guide to Springville

Article by Jocelynn Garner

Welcome to the Art City! Springville, Utah is a great place to live. There’s a lot to do, the community gets along well, the schools have great education and it’s an easy place to be. It’s a happy place and whether you are stopping by or moving in you’ll enjoy your time here. There’s a big library on main and center street.

When getting settled in making friends is a big key. Friends will be there for you, help you with anything you need and make your life full of happiness. Making friends at school is easier than in your neighborhood but you still will have friends wherever you go. Church, barbeques, and going outside to your local park are places and ways to make friends. Ms.Ottley, a teacher at Springville Jr.High would go on walks up Hobble Creek Canyon. She also said “Getting involved in the community instantly made me feel like I belong here.” Alyssa Badger’s said making friends helped her settle in and “Everyone’s really nice.” Not just friends make you feel welcomed but sports teams. Being on a team will definately make you feel like you have a purpose in the city you live in like Springville.

Springville is an easy going city. Nothing is really hard, but a small trouble is school. The schools aren’t bad at all but what kid doesn’t not completely enjoy school all the time? Some tips for school are to make friends at school, stay on top of your homework, and ask teachers for help if you need it. Ms.Ottley mentioned that it would be nice to have a rec center to take her kids to. Luckily, soon there will be a rec center on the way!

Some fun activities or places to go in Springville are the mall, movies, up the canyons and a popular one is high school football games. The high school football games have great turn outs. Our Springville Red Devils are a great team to watch. The homecoming game is one of the funnest games to go to. The last homecoming game for the Springville Red Devils game was Skye and Brylee Boschee’s first game and they both said they had really enjoyed it and would like to go to more. Nate Conrad likes a lot of different sporting events located in Springville. The parks in Springville are very relaxing to go to and read or to bring your kids to. Springville is a calm city with welcoming people and fun events to go to.