High School Simulator 2017

Article and Comic by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The idea for a A day B day schedule was just announced in a recent assembly, similar to that of the High school schedule. The whole summary of it is one day you have a certain type of class, Math, Science, English, etc. while the other day will have Art, PE, and so on. Typically in High school this would be happening if you had about 14 classes like how most high schoolers do. But as we only have the standard 7 classes while still fitting Quest Time and Lunch in there, makes our classes an hour and a half long. Alike to how you would have English in the seventh grade. To most, this could come off as a bother and a trouble to your schedule. Ryan Witney says otherwise.

“I honestly think it won't really interfere with my school schedule.” Ryan said. “I have a lot of elective classes that I find fun, and sure, mandatory classes will be boring, but when it's time for the electives, they can be pretty fun, and i’ll have time to fix grades.” Ryan found a greater side of the AB schedule, saying that it would be remedial when it came for his electives, and work when it came to the Mandatory classes. It is different with every student, if you have a lot of elective classes you enjoy or nice teachers, then you will have a good end of the year. If you have a lot of Mandatory classes or classes you don’t find too enjoyable, then you might not, but Summer is coming around the corner in about 20 days, so you can anticipate that being a fun event!