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Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Tue, 02/23/2016 - 14:21
Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer

What is HOPE week?  HOPE Week is an event at our school that starts on February 29th and ends March 4th.  This week is full of different fun activities that helps all of SJHS students with things they are having troubles with. It also encourages kids to always be happy!  Most of this week is held at our junior high and is hosted by our awesome HOPE Squad members.  

The first day of this fun week is Mental Health day.  The students are asked to wear yellow that day, and if they wear yellow they will get a prize and candy at lunch.  

Tuesday is called Have a Laugh day.  Everyone can dress up like 80’s people, and there will be an awesome dance party at lunch!  Mrs. Droz, the seventh grade counselor, said that having this day shows kids that “laughter is good for your mental health.”  

Wednesday is Be a Superhero and do not keep deadly secrets day.  This day you dress up like a superhero!  At lunch they will have an obstacle course and who ever is the fastest they will get prizes and treats!  

Thursday is Be an Ally day and we wear pajamas! There will also be a thing called Compliment Cards. You can write a card to anyone saying nice things.Caitlin Buhler, one of the HOPE Squad members, said, “This is my favorite day of the week.”

Friday is March for Hope day!  This day is the last day of HOPE Week, and the students are asked to wear red.  At lunch they will hold a poster contest, and the winner will also get treats.  Later on in the day they will have a HOPE Walk in Spanish Fork and anyone can come! 

According to Max Davis, another HOPE Squad member, his favorite day of the week is on Tuesday when they get to have a dance off.  He also said he loves “spreading hope and joy.”

How does this week help our school though?   Kennedy Bird, another HOPE Squad member, said it “raises people's awareness of mental health or sadness in general.”  This week can help kids be more happy and have a good time.  

Max Davis said, “It makes our school more united and it makes everyone more friendly.”  HOPE Week is a great week to participate in, so come have fun!