Houston, We’ve Got Copycats

Article and Comic by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Ever wanted to go to space? Too bad. To go up, you got to have a lot of experience (yes, it is rocket science) and it costs a lot of money. But how about reenacting going to space? That takes a significantly less amount of money and training, and you can blow up the ship without causing a national disappointment.

Well, recently, some of us participated in the Apollo 13 mission malfunction reenactment. Basically, the whole gist is they brief you on your tasks, then lock you into a dark room where you have to solve puzzles and make sacrifices in order to come home. (Yes, I get that it sounds like some demented horror movie, but this time it's fun!) It's almost a race of sorts, where whoever finishes (or can, for that matter) the fastest is technically prepared for space and a bootleg medal. You do have a limited amount of time, as, of course this is space were talking about and oxygen is not complimentary.

Rondo Andersen said: “It was really fun, they gave us a large amount of materials to create devices for our survival. They put a lot of effort into it.” He also mentioned that many of the people there really enjoyed it. Most of the others mentioned it was very accurate, and they made it look alike it as well.

So there it is. You can thank Mr.Hansen and Mr. Hatfield, a former teacher of SJHS, for this great experience.