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How does social media and cell phones really affect teenagers?

Submitted by tara.pina on Mon, 02/11/2019 - 10:17
Article by Alexia Hunter

One thing a lot of teens seem to have in common is their obsession with social media and technology. Of course, there are some teenagers who don’t have a cell phone or social media but the vast majority does.

I went around and asked teenagers at our school how much time they spent on their phones a day. The average was 5 hours. When they checked to see how much time they spent on their phones the majority spent the most time on social media. I interviewed a student about her views on the assembly about limiting social media. I asked “If the assembly inspired her to stay off of her phone and delete social media?”,  she said “Umm no”. When I asked “Why not?” she responded with “They are all just saying this because they want us to pay attention to teachers and what they are saying and not our phones.” When overhearing conversations about the assembly or even seeing on social media, no one really took up the goal of getting off social media or spending less time on their phones.


In conclusion, I think most students either didn’t agree with what the views on phones and social media were or they got bored and gave into old habits. Every person has their views on social media and how it affects people, teenagers especially. That is how social media affects some teenagers at our school.