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An Inside Look on Benton Locke

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 04/28/2016 - 11:26
Kennedy Huston; SJHS Staff Writer
Benton Locke, the head custodian at SJHS

We are going behind the scenes to see who is the main man keeping SJHS clean. Benton Locke is the head custodian at SJHS. He has been working at SJHS since the new school opened, around two years. His job consist of maintaining and cleaning SJHS.

According to Mr. Locke, he likes that he gets to work in a beautiful building, and the wonderful staff. Mr. Locke said, “There isn’t anything to dislike about the students attending SJHS. The staff at SJHS is an All Star line up.”

According to Mr. Locke, he likes hunting, fantasy football, the Boston Red Soxs and teasing the lunch staff at SJHS.

According to Rachell Chappel, Lauri Wiser, Laurie Gomez, and Michelle Jex, the lunch staff at SJHS, Mr. Lock has a really great sense of humor, is a good guy, and a really nice man. He likes to play a lot of pranks, and they in turn like to play pranks on him. They decorated his office when his wife had a baby, and decorated his truck once just for fun.  

Mr. McGuire, the principal at SJHS, said, “There isn’t anything to dislike about Benton. He is best custodian I have ever worked with in 17 years. He is really good with the students, and never grouchy.”  

Mrs. Davenport, an assistant attendance secretary at SJHS, said, “Benton is always happy, and kind. His laugh is hilarious. He is a really hard worker, and he never complains.”