Internment Camp at Topaz Field Trip

Article by Chandler Kiser - SJHS Student Staff Writer

4/24 Monday 60 eighth grader students will be going to Topaz mountain to visit the Internment camp at Topaz. Ms. Jensen planned the field trip, when asked  “Why do you want to take the students to Topaz” she said “ It’s different when you experience for yourself instead of just reading about it in a text book, and she also mentioned that the camp is practically in Springville’s back yard. Scout Benson said that she is planning on going to Topaz and she mentioned that she want’s to go because she wants to learn more about about the Internment camps.

When asked, Why do you want to take the 8th grade english classes to Topaz? Mrs.Bass replied, that it would be really cool to experience what we’ve learned in class. She also mentioned that we could get information about the camp we didn't get from the book.

So Monday 4/24, 60 students will be going to the internment camp at Topaz and hopefully the students  will learn new things about the camp we didn't learn from the book.