It’s Time For a Quest

Autumn Olsen; SJHS Writer Staff
Students participate in a Conversation Room during Quest Time

You hear a lot about the different activities and classes here at SJHS, but there is a time period that does not get spotlighted often: Quest Time!

Quest Time is a 25 minute period that falls right after third period. There are a bunch of different things you can do during Quest Time. Some of these activities include movie rooms, game rooms, and conversation rooms. There is also intervention where students go to teachers’ rooms and make up their grade.        “I like Quest Time because I get to be with my friends,” said Ryan Popham, an eighth grader at SJHS. “It is a slight break from the long school day.”

“I like going to the conversation rooms and talking about the weirdest topics with my friends,” said Rachel Rimmasch, a ninth grade girl from SJHS. Rachel also says that she likes to steal her friends stuff, and wait until they realize it is gone. “I like the break that we get. It’s nice to laugh with my friends because sometimes it can be a hard school day.”

“I like the opportunity to hang out with my friends that I don't have classes with. It is nice to catch up with them, so we can have more to talk about later,” said Heidi Sumsion, a seventh grader.

Quest Time is a great opportunity to make up your grade, meet new people, and keep your grades up. Quest Time might just become the best part of your day.