Jake For President!

Article by Scout Benson


Ever considered running for president? Well eighth grader, Jake Follette has. 

Jake says that his campaign started when he filmed his campaign video. He says he is running because, ¨America needs a 3rd choice. Or a 4th, 5th, 6th or 7th.¨ What does he want to do as president you ask? Well he says that he would change school lunches.

On Tuesday November 8th, many students at school showed Jake support by wearing paper buttons with the hashtag #jakeforpres2k16. Jake says that that has been his favorite part of running, seeing people show support.

Jake says that he would get people to vote for him by telling them they can just vote for him. Blake Williams, an eighth grader and Jake's personal bodyguard, says that he would vote for Jake because he is smart. Evan Lyons, another eighth grader and one of Jake's vice presidents, said, “Jake should be president. He knows the problems we, as teens, have because he is experiencing them.” Wally Averett, Jake's other vice president, said that he would vote for Jake because he is an amazing guy and a great leader. Ashlynn Thomas, an eighth grader, says that Jake would make good president because he is funny, positive, the best and because he knows what's going on for the teens of America. “He is a natural born leader," she said. Jenny Wallentine, an eighth grader, says that she would vote for him because he is, “Fricken’ awesome!” She says that she loves his energy and that he would be a great leader. Molly Hunter, an eighth grader, says that he has good view on what the school and America should be. Scout Benson, an eighth grader said, “Jake would be a great president. America would rally behind him. They would listen.”

But not all the people at the school think Jake should be president. Mrs Porter, a history teacher, said that his campaign isn't built on policies, so she wouldn't vote for him. And Jonah Cochran, an eighth grader says that he wouldn't vote for Jake because it would be a waste of a vote.

So there you have it! In all fun, vote Jake for President!