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Journalism Waves Goodbye to First Semester, and Says Hello to Second Semester

Submitted by tiffanie.miley on Mon, 01/10/2011 - 15:18
Andrew Creer, SJHS Staff Writer
The journalism class busily working on their articles

The first day of school started, and so did the journalism class, which is taught by Ms. Tiffanie Miley during sixth period.  They started to work on their first articles about a week in, after practicing to become the new journalism staff. Now it’s January and the journalism staff is about to leave and join new classes next semester.  “It's really sad to me. This is my second and final year as a journalist, and I've really enjoyed the class and the teacher,” said Cody Woolsey, ninth-grade student at SJHS.  After January 13th, most of the journalism students will not be taking the journalism class the next semester.  “I really enjoyed teaching this semester's journalism class. The students worked hard and became much better writers over the course of the semester. I enjoyed getting to know everyone,” said Ms. Miley

In one semester all journalism students agree that they learned a lot.  “Its a great way to practice your writing and social skills. You also get articles in the newspaper for others to read,” said Mason Barnes, ninth-grade student at SJHS.  In order to write articles, the journalism staff interviews teachers and students.  “I got to meet a bunch of new people, teachers and students,” said Amanda Ripley, eighth-grade student at SJHS.  Students and Ms.Miley all agree the class is a great way to improve writing and social skills.  “I think journalism helps kids in several different ways. First of all, students become better writers. They practice writing every single day, and that practice really makes a difference. Students also learn how to ask good questions and then organize their ideas in a logical manner. When doing interviews, students learn how to better communicate with people. Each of these skills are used in many different areas of the students' lives,” said Ms. Miley.

At the end of the first semester the current journalism students will leave, and new students will be coming in.  “I would definitely recommend journalism to anyone and everyone! It will be a great experience for whoever is in this class. You will be sorry if you don't take it,” said Taylor Bennett, eighth -grade student at SJHS. The first semester journalism class has been writing articles since the beginning of the year, but soon they will no longer be able to.   “I will miss this class. Not only is the class full of good writers who work hard, but this class is a fun bunch of kids to be around,” said Ms. Miley.