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Junior High Choir Concert

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 04/25/2016 - 10:16
Hannah Mason; SJHS Staff Writer

On March 23rd, all of the choirs in the junior high performed in the cafetorium for their family and friends. According to Ms. Utrera, the choir director for all of the junior high choirs, the Apprentice Singers, a seventh grade girls choir, sang, “Funga Alafia,” “Sing Alleluja,” “Goodnight,” and “Chariot’s Coming.” The Men’s Choir, a seventh and eighth grade boys choir, performed, “Tell My Father” and “Old American Songs.” Finally, the Master Singers, a choir for eighth and ninth girls and boys, sang, “Little David Play on Your Harp,” “The Pasture,” and “Kuimba.” 

Preparing for the concert was hard and took a long time. Ms. Utrera said, “We started preparing for this concert at the beginning of the semester. Each day we learned parts of the songs and practiced doing them well, and would practice on the stage to make sure the choirs knew how to perform on stage.”

According to Breanna Carlton, a seventh grader in Apprentice Singers, the concert was very fun, and a success. She said, “It was super nerve wracking, but it all came together really well when we sang it for an audience.”  

Victoria Hunt, a seventh grader in Apprentice Singers, said, “It was really fun! I wasn’t scared because I love to perform. I think all of the choirs did really well!” 

According to Grace Ellison, an eighth grader in Master Singers, the best part of the concert was to show the audience what everyone was working on, and watching the other choirs sing their songs. 

Adam Krieger, a ninth grader in Master Singers, said, “My favorite song that we sang was ‘Little David’. It’s a fun and upbeat song.”

Mckay Dalley, a seventh grader in Men’s Choir, and Sam Daybell, an eighth grader in Men’s Choir, both said that they liked the song, “Tell My Father.” Mckay Dalley said, “It has harmonies that sound really awesome.” 

Sam Daybell said, “I really like the piano part in ‘Tell My Father’. It sounded good with us singing.”

According to Ms. Utrera, the choirs did very well. She said, “The choirs were excited and energetic. Man Choir and Master Singers had already sung at a District choir festival, so they were confident and ready. They both did a fantastic job. The Apprentice Singers were a little more nervous, but the nervous energy came out in their songs, and they were great!”

All of the participants in the choir said that it was a blast, and they all love being in choir!