Kennedy Davis Spotlight!

Article By Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Determined, athletic, kind, that’s the type of person Kennedy is. She is a seventh grader here at Springville Jr. High School.

She has two brothers and one sister which are all an amazing bunch. Because of that and many other reasons her family would be the one thing she cannot live without.

Kennedy’s knowledge on life or her philosophy is: “If you fail it’s okay just keep going.” I encourage you all to take that advice and the advice of getting to know Kennedy more.

Her biggest challenge has been almost moving to Georgia. Luckily that isn’t the plan anymore.

We all have that one thing we cannot resist whether it be food, your phone, an activity but for Kennedy it’s music. She feels most comfortable in her home, it is her favorite place to be. However sailing puts her out of that safe zone. It is her greatest fear. Sailing is clearly not her favorite thing to but soccer is. She’s been playing for a long time now and has a passion for it. She also loves to play tennis and she is running track this year.

True leadership is “Someone who takes care of the group.” Kennedy said. “Something you’re proud of.” That’s how she define success.

The best book she's ever read is The Series of Unfortunate Events. In her eyes the wonderful, helpful airplane is the best innovation this world has seen yet. She would like to be a stay at home mom of four kids once she is older.

I hope this article has been pretty “Chill” for you to read, as Kennedy would say since that is the word she uses the most often.