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Kicking it with the Springville Girls' Soccer Team

Submitted by tara.pina on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 21:13
Article by Jocelynn Garner


Come find out how amazing Springville’s girls soccer team is! The Fall 2016 through Spring 2017 players on the team are an amazing bunch. Recently they won the title of being the 2016 Region 8 Champions. Coach Baker is very proud of her team.

Macy Clemons is the goalkeeper for the team in jersey number one. Tara Warner plays wing along with Mckell Weight. They all strive when they play soccer and they love to represent Springville. Tara, Mckell and Macy have all played soccer since they were five years old. Coach Baker has played soccer for 19 years. She said “I played a year at the University of Utah and then four at UVU.” She has a lot of experience and will continue to be a great coach.

Tara said that her teammates are fun, they’re all friends on and off the field and they “all connect really well.” Macy said that their teammates are fun, nice and that she “looks up to most of them.”

Tara has a sister who plays for Utah State. Her sister would help her with the all the steps of getting ready for a game. Her sister has been a big part in her soccer career and a big inspiration. Mckell had said “My coaches have helped me and my teammates, by helping me when I mess up!” Macy mentioned her coaches, teammates and friends have helped her with her game. Macy Clemons looks up to the world’s number one goalkeeper, Hope Solo. Hope’s had over 100 shutouts and played with the USWNT for 17 years. Macy has a great role model to look up to and will one day be as good as Solo. Mckell Weight looks up Joao Plata who plays for the local professional soccer team, RSL. Plata is a forward like Mckell and has some great moves on the ball. Obviously everyone around you has an impact in your life but some may have a bigger, positive impact and will help you achieve your goals.

Soccer you will make you feel a special way. The crowd becomes one of the best sounds you’ve heard, the coaches and your teammates are like your second family and the environment has such a wonderful affect on you. Macy remarked that soccer is fun to do. Tara vocalized that soccer makes her feel good and it helps her stay in shape. Mckell said “Soccer makes me feel amazing and I love it so much!”

Maple Mountain High School is a favorite team to play against. Tara mentioned that Maple Mountain are their rivals and that it’s always a good game. Macy said that Maple Mountain is a good team to play against “cause it’s a rivalry.” Also her old coach coaches for that team now. Mckell agreed that Maple Mountain High is a good rivalry and team to play against “because they give us more competition.” Coach Baker concurred that Maple Mountain is one of their favorite teams to play against. “There is a love/hate relationship with rivalry games.” Coach Baker said. “They’re the best when you win them but the worst when you lose.”

“The thing that I'm most proud of about this team is that they've always stuck together and had each others backs when it mattered the most. This is the most cohesive and hard working group that I've worked with since I started coaching at Springville High School and I couldn't more proud of each girl on the team.” Coach Natalie Baker stated.

Coach Baker said, “I knew before the season started that we had a very talented group of girls who had the potential to go very far this year. I'm definitely pleased and excited with what we've achieved so far and look forward to seeing how we compete in the state tournament.”

“Coaching has always been something that I wanted to do so when the job opened up at Springville, I was excited to go back to my roots and potentially coach at my alma mater.” said Baker.

Springville Lady Red Devils are a hard working, competitive, friendly team. If you get the chance you have to go to one of their games. You’ll certainly enjoy watching them!