Latinos in Action are in Action

Article by Jaquelin Tlatenchi


Did you know that here at Springville jr High School we have a program called Latinos In Action? Students here at SJHS take the class and seem to really enjoy it.

The purpose of Latinos in Action is to “help others, make the Latino community stronger, prepare for college and to be a better leader,” said the Latino in Action members.

Members of Latinos in Action play a big role in our school. Latinos in Action plan the school's special events. That’s not all they do, they also go out and tutor kids at an elementary who need help.

Latinos in Action members really enjoy that class because, “It’s fun being with other latinos, you get involved in every activity and don’t feel left out, enjoys helping out the community, and learning about each other’s culture,” said the LIA members

Latinos in Action is an elective. You have a choice whether to take it or not. Most of the kids in the class enjoy it very much.  They like being able to help out and learn about getting into colleges and life skills which is very beneficial. Latinos in Action is an awesome group and always doing something great for our community!