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Let’s Go On a Quest

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Fri, 01/15/2016 - 11:34
Andrew Messenger; SJHS Staff Writer

Quest Time has been part of SJHS for a long time. With every new year, new students have new opinions about it.

According to Kade Rasmussen, a seventh grade student, if he has good grades he likes to go to open gym or the conversation room in the cafeteria. Kade said, “Quest Time helps me keep my grades up.” According to Jenessa Crystal, an eighth grade student, she is part of the Quest Time fiddle band. When she is not at the fiddle band, she likes to go to conversation rooms with her friends. Jenessa said, “Quest Time is the true quest for excellence.”

Ms. Piña, a seventh grade English teacher, said, “[Quest Time] is really helpful for students who need help in class or have missing work.” According to Ms. Piña, students with good grades get to take a break and have fun in an activity room. In addition, she thinks that students enjoy her game and karaoke rooms. According to Mrs. Porter, a history and Utah Studies teacher, Quest Time gets students to get on top of their grades. In addition, she thinks students with good grades enjoy going to conversation rooms, open gym and the many other activities.

Many students enjoy Quest Time and have fun playing games or working hard to get their grades up so they can go hang out with their friends.