The Library TA’s of SJHS

Article by Jocelynn Garner - SJHS Student Staff Writer

What's it like being a TA in the school library? Well there are many jobs; such as taking papers to teachers, stapling papers or making copies. It's a fun job, and sometimes you don't have much to do. You can apply for this class by turning in an application to your counselor. Austin Snarr took this class because, “I felt like it was a good class to stay caught up in.” he said. At times it can be a busy job. Teachers will bring stuff into print but it's “never too hard.” said Austin. Other students should definitely try to be a Teacher's Assistant in the library. Some advice Chandler Thurman and Austin Snarr have is to stay on task and get your homework done if you have extra time. Chandler’s favorite part is stapling or in spare time, playing on the computers. Austin likes to deliver papers to teachers. Although being a librarian is not a career they'd want, having this class makes them want to go to the library more.