Lights, Camera, DRAMA!

Article by Scout Benson

From costumes to props, these outgoing actors have it all. Between the silly skits and dance numbers what do they do in their class? Keep reading to find out!

First let’s meet the teacher. Ms.Clement teaches drama here at our very own SJHS as well as Mapleton Junior High. She teaches 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period at Mapleton and the rest here. 7th grader Izabella Farr said, ¨Ms. Clement is fun, funny and quirky.”

We’ll start at the bottom and work to the top. So here are the facts on Drama 1. This class is mainly 7th graders but some are first time acting 8th and 9th graders. 7th grader Ryley Waycasy, says, “I like drama because I get to be someone else instead of myself. I still like myself, but I get to be someone else.” Izabella Farr 7th grader, said she wanted to take drama because, “I've always loved acting; I love to sing, and I love to be sarcastic.”

Onward to Drama 2! Drama 2 is 8th and 9th graders and is focused on musical theater. Right now they are learning the choreography for their songs and dances. They are doing Dancing Through Life from Wicked, Status Quo from High School Musical, Loathing from Wicked, Hard Knock Life from Annie, and King of New York from Newsies. Victoria Hunt told us that her favorite part of drama is that it's a safe place. She is playing a “Dumped Bride” in Loathing. Bryce Chambers, 8th grader, said that he liked drama because he gets to express himself. He is playing Boq in Dancing through life.

Now Drama 3. Drama 3 is mainly focused on Shakespeare and is a class of only 9th graders. Right now they are doing Midsummer's Night Dream, and Macbeth. Logan Herrick said that they are working on accents. He is playing the lead role, Macbeth, in the play Macbeth.

Last but not least, Theater Tech. Theater Tech is in charge of set design, costume and make-up, sound and light. Gavin Jones said that Theater Tech wasn't even like a class because they are in charge of themselves. ¨Ms Clement kinda shoves it on you and you have to figure it out.” Right now they are working on costumes and makeup for Drama 3, but also sound and light.

So there you have it folks. All the facts and great stuff about being in Drama. If you like acting, this is the class for you. Support the Drama kids by going to their plays. Keep having fun and being awesome Drama students!