A Little More About P.E.

Article by Sakari Duvall

This year at SJHS, P.E. students and coaches were asked some questions. These questions were to about their get a little bit of information about their class, they were asked these questions because SJHS P.E., is much different than some other schools.

The students names are; Gabe Tilton a 7th grader, Arianie Perez-Diaz, an 8th grader and Mike Giles a 9th grader. The coaches names are Coach (G)erhauser, Coach (P)arker, and Coach (C)hambers. All of these people are so nice and wonderful. These are the coaches responses to the questions.

Do you enjoy teaching/playing the sports with the students? Why? “Yeah it’s much more exciting”, said Coach G. Most of the time playing with them can be fun, said Coach P. “It depends.” said Coach C, because it can be hard playing with all 6 periods. Why do more units get played instead of one? “If everybody can choose what they want, then everybody is happier.” said Coach G. “For student choice” said Coach P. Coach C said that it gives the students a choice, and that it helps the students to find what they are most interested.

What is the worst injury you have seen during P.E.? “A kid busted his arm!” said Coach G. She was disappointed that she wasn’t there to see, but her sub got to. “Major bloody noses, a head hit with a metal bat, and a broken leg” according to Coach P. “Broken bones” said Coach C. Also girls earrings getting ripped out of their ear. Another question was, “Are a lot of kids lazy?” Coach G said,” yes!” Coach P said there are some kids, without a doubt. Coach C said that it depends. If a student likes the activity that they choose, then they usually aren’t. About how much money do you think, gets wasted when things break? “A lot!,” said Coach G. Coach P said,” a couple hundred.” Couch C agreeing with that.

Here are the questions the students were asked and what they had to say.

Do you like most of the units that you pick? “Yeah they're fun” said Gabe Tilton. “Yeah”, said Arianie Perez-Diaz and Mike Giles. Do you have friends with you in P.E.? “Yeah,” said Gabe and Mike. Arianie said she has many.

What’s your favorite part about P.E.? Gabe said that you get to actually do something instead of just sitting around. Arianie said,”I like getting active and I love sports.” Mike said that he likes throwing touchdowns because he gets to feel the fame.

Do you like your coach? “Yeah, she’s fun”, said Gabe. Arianie and Mike both said yeah, too.

What period so you have P.E., would you change it, why or why not? Gabe has it 2nd period and the he likes having it then. “4th, so right after quest time. It was close because I would always go to the cafetorium.” said Arianie. Mike has it it 5th period and said,”no because it’s nice after lunch.” And that is all!