Locked In?

Article by Azhdon Vest - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Here at SJHS it seems like there is a lot of garbage in the commons area after lunch. The administration of the school mentioned to the students that if there continues to be a lot of garbage in the area that students will have to stay in the cafeteria so the commons won't be messy.

8th grader Jesus Hernandez said that after he eats lunch in the cafeteria but does like to wander the halls after he is done eating and claims that a lot of students would dislike the change because it might feel like being improsioned. 

Trace Peterson, another 8th grader, said that he eats in the cafeteria but also likes to wander in the halls when he is finished eating because he is able to hangout with friends and go outside.

8th grader Garret Jones said that he eats in the cafeteria but does like to go in the halls because it is too packed in the cafeteria and there isn't much space to hang out with his friends.

The school administration has expressed that it makes the school look bad if the commons and halls are messy, and it also causes more work to be done to clean up the school.

It seems that most students like to go into the halls to be with their friends, but if the halls and commons area continues to be messy, students will soon lose the privilege to be able to leave the cafeteria.