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For The Love of Cats

Submitted by tara.pina on Fri, 01/13/2017 - 16:03
Article by Lizzie Kurban

There are many people here at SJHS who love their furry little feline friends. Fluffy, Hairless, chubby, scrawny, no matter their shape and size our cats are our loving little buddies,  here’s what the people of SJHS had to say about their cats. First we asked them how many cats they have. Mr Booth, the band teacher here at SJHS said that he has 2 cats. Rainy Hickman said that although she’s had many cats through her life she only has one little kitten right now.

We then asked them what the names of their cats are and how long they’ve had them. Mr Booth’s cats are named Socks and Sneakers and he said “ We’ve had Socks for over 10 years now and we found Sneakers as a stray a little over a year ago. He would just hang around our house so one day we let him in and he’s been ours ever since.” Rainy’s kitten is named Castiel and she’s had her for 3 months now, she got her when she was just a small baby kitten.

Then we asked how their cats got their names. Socks and Sneakers, cute names for a pair of cats right? According to Mr Booth, Socks had already been named Socks because of the sock-like markings on his paws. Sneakers got his name due to the fact the Socks was named Socks and his family thought it would be cute to name them a pair like that. Rainy’s little Castiel got her name because, “Castiel is the name of a character from the TV show Supernatural.” which is Rainy’s favorite show.

Finally we asked them what their favorite and least favorite parts of being a cat owner is. Mr. Booth said that he loves the fact that his cats are very smart and independent, that they kind of do their own thing but still like to come around and be apart of the family. When we asked what his least favorite thing about being a cat owner is he said “Nothing.” Rainy said that her favorite part about having Castiel is that she’s very cuddly and affectionate and her fur is Rainy’s favorite color of grey. According to Rainy, “My least favorite part of owning her is sometimes when I’m walking around she’ll attack my feet.”

So that’s what the people of SJHS had to say about owning cats. Do you like cats?