MAN UP! Teen Author Boot Camp

Article by Trey Widtfeldt, SJHS Student Staff Writer

A little thing called Teen Author Boot Camp is pretty much a comic con for books. (Except it's for teenagers, you learn stuff, most of the merch is free, and you get to see authors.) Yeah. Comic con for books.

The only difference is there are two ways in order to get in. You can either be a normal person and pay to get in… Or you could be a boss and write a short story to submit to them and see if you are a decent enough writer to even get in. So let's meet some of them!



SUMMARY: Girl with lost family locates a well with the capabilities of traveling to an alternate world of magic.

THOUGHTS ON TABC: Hopes it will be fun, she anticipates meeting good authors and learning from them.




SUMMARY (of favorited story): Girl secretly balances a life of a normal teenager and being a secret agent.

THOUGHTS ON TABC: Especially hopes for a good learning experience, Laurissa likes the general idea of TABC.


The authors featured for TABC is Jay Asher, who is especially known for his major publication of “Thirteen Reasons Why” and Marie Lu, known for making the “Legend” series, which was even taken in by CBS and made into a television show.

If you have ever considered being a writer, or have even written some short works of writing, there is still a possible chance of submitting next year, which can give you a great learning opportunity for a good future as a writer!