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Master Singers

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Mon, 03/28/2016 - 14:26
Meagan Jones; SJHS Staff Writer

Have you ever had a question that is really hard to answer and you are afraid to go and ask someone?  Well the question “What is Master Singers?” is not a hard question at all!

Master Singers is an amazing choir class here at Springville Junior High!  To get into this higher choir class, you not only have to audition, you also have to love to sing and be determined. In Master Singers they do awesome tours where they go and sing at all sorts of places.  Master Singers do a lot more than the other three choir classes.  Not too long ago they sang the National Anthem at one of the BYU basketball games!

During December they went and performed for some of the elementary schools in Springville.  They went and sang different, fun Christmas songs.   According to Ammon Elzinga, one of the Master Singers, this is one of his favorite parts about Master Singers.  Ammon also said, “It’s fun, and I like it better than Men's Choir because it’s combined with girls.”

Jake Jackson, another Master singers, said his favorite part about Master Singers is “hanging out with my friends and joking around.”

Master Singers is not just fun though.  You have to work hard, but you have fun at the same time. 

Kate Chatfield, another Master Singer, said, “It’s really fun, but it’s also a lot of work.” Being in Master Singers take lots of work because you have to practice your voice a lot.  It takes up a lot of your time because you are there after school sometimes for performance practices.  Emelia Randolph, another Master Singer, said, “It’s fun but kind of stressful. It’s also fun to be around your friends.”  She also likes learning new stuff about her voice, and how she can make it even better.  

As you can see Master Singers is an awesome choir class where you can have fun, learn new things about your voice, and perform in many different places!