Meet Some of the Siblings at Springville Junior High!

Article by Brenna Carlton


At Springville Junior High School there are lots of pairs, and sometimes even trios, of siblings. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have a sibling in the same school as you? Maybe you even have a sibling soon coming to be with you at school. In this article we’re going to talk to some of the siblings at SJHS and see how they feel about it, so stick around!

There are lots of possibilities of what these siblings think about sharing the same school. They could absolutely love it, or they could absolutely hate it. They could kind of like it, or be right in the middle. You never know! Let’s find out what some of these siblings think.

Kai Ellison is a 9th grader this year, and his little brother, Driggs Ellison, is a new 7th grader. “Having him at school with me is okay, but it’s not the best,” Kai says. “I have to be more responsible now.” That is true. If you’re the older sibling, you will probably be looking out for them all the time. Driggs says that being at school with Kai is terrible. “He always picks on me,” he said. He goes on to say that they don’t really get along at home, but that they are both good at sports. They’re also both 5”3.

Will Daybell, Sam Daybell, and Jack Daybell are all at Springville Junior High this year. Will and Sam are fraternal twins, both in 9th grade. Jack is a new 7th grader this year as well. When asked how it feels to have all three of them at school together this year, Will said that it felt normal. Sam says, “It doesn’t really make a difference. It’s pretty normal,” Jack says that it is not good at all. He doesn’t like being in the same school as them because they’re annoying. Sam and Will don’t mind it. “I don’t get along with Will, but I get kind of get along with Sam,” Jack says. However, Sam says that he gets along with Will, but not Jack. Will just says that he gets along with both of them. It’s all a little confusing, don’t you think? “We all like loud music,” Sam says. Jack says that he and Sam both don’t like to go to ball games, and he and Will look the same. Will says that they all have absolutely nothing in common. All of them think differently.

Abby and Brenna Carlton are sisters. Abby is in 9th grade and Brenna is in 8th grade. “People always tell me that I look like Brenna, but we look nothing alike,” Abby says. Brenna agrees. “It feels normal being in the same school as her because it’s all I’ve known since kindergarten,” Brenna goes on to say. They are only about a year apart, so they are mostly always together. Both of them say they aren’t very similar, but they both cheer. They both say that they get along at home most of the time.

Lastly, there’s Savannah and Aspen Clyde. Savannah is a 9th grader and Aspen is a 7th grader, along with Driggs and Jack. “It’s comforting having Savannah with me this year,” Aspen says. Being a new 7th grader can be hard, so you’ll definitely want your older sister or brother with you. When asked if she was embarrassed to be seen with Aspen around school, Savannah replied, “Heck no! She’s awesome!” Don’t we all want to have this kind of relationship with our siblings? Savannah and Aspen both love volleyball, and the shoe brand Converse.

Now we know what some of the siblings at our school think about having each other in the same school. Some love it, others are kind of in the middle, and some don’t like it very much. It’s different for everyone, and that’s okay.