Meet Teo Sjoberg!

Article written by student: Carter Turley

Meet Teo Sjoberg. Teo is an 8th grader here at SJHS who loves the Utes and loves to play football with all of his friends. He also encourages others and helps brighten their day by making them laugh.

“My favorite class is by far is Peer Tutor, because it’s really fun to help the people in that class,” Teo shared. Teo also shared some of the other things he liked. Teo shared “The great thing about 8th grade is that you have lots of friends and they’re always there for you when you need them,” Teo said, “What I look forward to most in 9th grade is that I can put my best effort for the end of the school year and do the best I can”. Also, Teo wishes that there was more free time,”... because it’s fun to hang out with other friends and laugh with them during quest time or free time in classes. Teo is also ready to get out of school for his 8th-grade year. “I’m tired of all this testing. All I want to do is go on vacation and get some friends together and play some football with them.” Hopefully, Teo can stand at least 2 more weeks of school, but he’s confident to finish his testing.

Teo has a lot of things he likes that also you probably like, so maybe you can be his friend too. But, hopefully, now you know about Teo a bit more.