Monsters of the BLACK LAGOON

Article and Comic by Trey Widtfeldt - SJHS Student Staff Writer

The most beloved day of school is coming upon us, the day when we have the option to go the Lagoon theme park, the Utah made park that everybody loves, it even houses one of the oldest roller coasters in Utah, as well as the newer and feared ride, the Cannibal.

The trip up isn’t like other trips, you ride in what they call the “Le Bus” a higher quality bus, typically used for tours, with the rumors of hitting the chairs a smoke cloud of dandruff appearing. They spared no expense for a high quality trip, which is great, let's see some opinions on people with plans to go to the Lagoon.

Tavio of seventh grade is no newcomer to Lagoon. Alike to other people, he had come there before and has enjoyed it. And in his terms: “That was some good stuff. Some good stuff.” Although Tavio has not gone to Lagoon since the new additions, his interest is increased with the new addition of Cannibal to see exactly what it has to offer.

If you are a seventh grader just coming to SJHS: Then the mystical wonders of Lagoon has just been opened to you with even some access to go with friends. The charge is small, even less so than going there without the school, so if you haven't had the opportunity to go, now is your chance!