Mr. Bass is the best

Article by Esmeralda Montoya - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Do you know Mr.Bass the science teacher here at SJHS he is really good at it. He does so much fun stuff and he makes science the best; He is a amusement and funny teacher. His labs are really enjoyable how he makes them there the best labs ever here in Springville Jr High they are.

Mr. Bass explains how he loves students how there so much pleasure. He chose science because that's his favorite subject he also said “ I like teaching this age I like this subject”. Could you guess when the school was built? (3 years old) it's not old at all it really cool and nice. Did you know Mr. Bass has been here all three years this school was built its awesome right. Kids in Mr. Bass class think he is great too “I love his labs they're really fun” said Clark Warren he’s a kid in Mr. Bass class. Kyle also explains how he lets them do fun labs.Winter Smith and Makayla Peterson also explain how great he and his labs are.

Not just his labs are great but so is him “He’s so nice and he’s funny” said Tristan Richman. Mr. Bass is so awesome is what the point is. He is a good science teacher here at SJHS he has done so much for students to learn things of science. With the lab he does a lot that helps students know a lot about science so many kids like Mr. Bass he is a very nice, entertaining and a humorous teacher. So many people have had him over the term and liked him know and still think he is awesome.