Mr. Booths Harmony

Article written by student: Max Whipple

“How many instruments can one person play?” This was the first question I thought when I walked into his classroom three years ago.  I soon found out that it much more than the number of studio musicians in Steely Dan, and if you don’t know who they are, then learn your jazz-fusion bands.  Mr. Booth, a multi-talented musician and a music enthusiast, is just an awesome person. He found his music appreciation in Montana where he grew up.  He moved into Utah in 1992 and he has been teaching at SJHS ever since.  He says his greatest accomplishments are when students become more talented musicians and seeing them become better people in general. Coming to Jr. HIgh I heard a lot of great, fun things about him and he lived up to his reputation.  Every day I look forward to his class, his weird sense and humor and homemade cookies. Carsten Smith says, “I dare say he is the best teacher”. I agree with Carsten whole heartedly that he is the epitome of a teacher!


Here’s a few fun facts about Mr. Booth:


  1. He can throw a piece of gum into the trash from across the room

  2. He has Mr.  Booth sign language that’s his own form of communication

  3. He loves to find great sales or he likes to talk about them

  4. We know he’s upset when he fidgets with his knuckles

  5. Works in his garden as a pastime

  6. Was a drummer in a band called The DeSotos All-Star band for over 20   years

  7. Mr. Booths Ritz crackers song

  8. He’s always wanted to learn how to tap dance


On a more serious note…

  1. Eastern New Mexico University for 1 year.  Associates degree at Ricks College. And his bachelors at BYU

  2. When he retires he wants to continue learning the guitar.  He also said to continue learning and to work in his yar

  3. He knows how to play most brass, woodwind, stringed, and percussion instruments


I wanted to feature Mr. Booth in this article because he has become my friend.  SJHS voted that he deserved the crystal apple for the positive impact he has had on our school.  Since, he shares his knowledge and a deep understanding of music theory with passion and a sense of humor. He’s inspired me to develop my own creativity with music. He’s one teacher that his students will miss as they leave Jr. High hoping to see Mr. Booth’s quirks and nuances one last time.