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Mr. Busath, New English Teacher

Submitted by jennifer.dunn on Thu, 11/13/2014 - 09:07
Aubrey Stewart, SJHS Staff Writer
Mr. Busath

This year has been so much fun, getting to know the new teachers. One of these new teachers is Mr. Busath, a seventh grade English teacher.

Mr. Busath decided he wanted to be an English teacher because he realized he liked to teach people. He also enjoys the “methods and science” of teaching. 

So far he is enjoying the experience. He said, “I like the puzzle of teaching. It is fascinating how we all learn, how we grow, and what structures we all need to be successful. I also get a kick out of reading and writing with my students, especially about topics that are meaningful.”

The students are enjoying the experience of learning from him. Diana Munoz, a seventh grader, said, “He’s really nice and he’s a cool teacher.” She also implied that Mr. Busath makes learning very fun.

Teachers also have found their interactions with Mr. Busath to be positive. Ms. Dunn, an English teacher, said, “He is willing to work hard and contribute new ideas.”

Mr. Busath, as most teachers at SJHS, has really enjoyed the new school. He said, “The new building is awesome.”        All in all, Mr. Busath is wonderful new addition to our faculty. Be sure to say hello to him.