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Mr. Jensen Spotlight

Submitted by tara.pina on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 21:36
Article by Lindsay Gardiner


If you've ever had Mr. Jensen for science then you've had an amazing science teachers. He said that he has been teaching for 10 years; he taught for 3 years at Sandy Eastmont Middle school, 6 years at Payson Jr high and this is his second year at this school.

9th grader Onikah Locklear said that he's her favorite teacher and also said ¨He's really fun and he makes jokes in class.¨ She also said,¨He's nicer and more laid back¨ 8th graders Caydon Harris and Trey Widtfeldt both said that he's funny and he's sarcastic. 9th grader Autumn Barker said that he's different from other teachers because he is always positive and is always happy and he isn't like any teacher she´s had before. Kaden also said that he is just one of those teaches that people just like. All of them said that they liked Mr. Jensen.

Mr. Jensen said that he got interested in teaching because in high school he wanted to be a pilot then after he spent a few years in Germany he decided he wanted a job that he could spend every night with his family. So then in college his science professor got him interested in teaching science. He said ¨I love it, I do very much. If I didn't love it then I wouldn't do it.¨

Autumn Barker said ¨I like to learn about astronomy and all the things about space¨ and Kaden said he liked the experiments.

Mr. Jensen is an amazing teacher making this an amazing school year.