Mr. Rowley is AWESOME!

Article by Esmeralda Montoya - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mr. Rowley is are assistant principal here at Springville Jr High.”He is a good assistant principal ¨ Said Tiffany Dalley a 7th grader. She also mentions how nice and helpful he is. “Watching kids struggle that's the hardest part” said Mr. Rowley he is a great assistant principal because of all the amazing things he does for people for example Mr. Jensen a science teacher he was feeling so bad on Monday he felt so sick his eyes hurt so bad well Mr. Rowley went to go stop by at his room and he saw how sick he was so then he ask “Are you okay” and he saw how bad he was looking so he said all be right back and he went and got him a soda so his stomach won't feel as bad. That's a type of person Mr.Rowley is a great nice and funny person Mr. Jensen said  “He cares about everybody and he is hilarious”. He also explain how he is a good friend of his

Did you know that Mr. Rowley has been here for 3 and ½ years and he also did not always want to be an assistant principal? Before he wanted to be a teacher and coach and they're both really good things to be but here is a great place to be and having him here as an assistant principal is great. “I like working with students I like helping people” said Mr. Rowley

He has help so many people and he is really good at doing it and SJHS is lucky to have him as an assistant principal. He has help so many people in this school and he also did so many things for teachers at SJHS he has helped out so much that he should be here as long as he can at least for another ten years because he is just so great. People here get their grades up and he has helped them all with that he cares a lot about his students here which is really nice. Tiffany explained how he is really nice and she had a lot of nice things to say about him like how he cares about his students and how he tries to help out as much as he can and when he can if he sees a student have an F or a student seems so down he tries to help them he always has those good jokes.