Mrs. Carpenter is Onto the Next Big Adventure

Ryan Popham SJHS Staff Writer
Mrs. Carpenter, a science teacher, is retiring at the end of the school year.

Mrs. Carpenter is an eighth grade science teacher here at SJHS. She teaches in room S207. Mrs. Carpenter has been teaching for 24 years, four of which at were a high school in Oklahoma, and the other 20 years were spent here at SJHS. At the end of this school year Mrs. Carpenter will be retiring. 

Kennedy Bird, an eighth grader in her class, said, “Mrs. Carpenter is really nice, and she's been teaching for a long time, so she's wise too.”

 According to Kaybrie Pratt, an eighth grader, Mrs. Carpenter lets students use their notes on all of their assignments. 

According to Mrs. Carpenter, the best parts of teaching have been getting to know the students each year, and watching students have an “aha” moment, when something finally makes sense. She said, “They get excited and feel very successful. I love it.”

Ammon Elzinga, one of Mrs. Carpenter's students, said, “My favorite thing we have learned is simple machines, and making mousetrap cars.” 

Mrs. Carpenter said, “The next big adventure in my life will be having more sleepovers with grandchildren! I will start exercising for real. Next year we will be going on a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We won’t know the details for awhile, but it will be great.”

Good luck Mrs. Carpenter, and thanks for all you have done!