Mrs. Riggs

Article by Morgan Roper - SJHS Student Staff Writer

Mrs. Riggs is an english and creative writing teacher at Springville Junior High. She is loved by many students and teachers.

Mrs. Riggs didn't want to always be a teacher, her childhood dream job was to be a writer or a fly girl, a.k.a. A dancer.  She became a teacher in 2012, but started at Springville Junior three years ago. She became a teacher because she loves literature. But besides teaching, Mrs. Riggs, is some what flexible. She can kick her foot up and touch the back of her head!! Mrs. Riggs has won only a single free throwing contest in elementary school.

Students at Springville Junior High love Mrs. Riggs, but not many people know her favorite sport. Not even the teachers. Damen Bernardi thinks her favorite sport is volleyball, while Tessa Popham believes that it is basketball. Whitney Sheppard thinks that her favorite sport is basketball, and Adi Whiting thinks that it is ice skating. Mr. Jensen, a science teacher at Springville Junior, thinks that roller derby would be her favorite sport, “I could totally see her as a roller derby chick.” He even came up with a few nicknames for her, “Riggs the System” or “Pixie Fire Dragon!” But sadly nobody got her favorite sport right. Mrs. Riggs said that her favorite sport is either video gaming or softball/baseball. Yeah!

Mrs. Riggs likes drawing, camping, hiking, and water skiing. She doesn't have any free time to do so between school and her 2 children! Her knees pop every time she bends down and dirty blonde is her actually hair color!!