Ms. Mower

Esmeralda Montoya SJHS Student Staff Writer


At SJHS there are some really good teachers but here you going to read about new math teacher named Ms.Mower. ”I want students to feel happy in my classroom,and I want them to learn math well” Ms.Mower said. She is a great teacher because she makes the day bright. She is really nice to all her students and she is good at her math “she’s good at teaching math” Nicole, a student in her class, said. She had a dream and she made it “I am definitely living my dream of being a math teacher” said Ms.Mower. She is really excited to be here and so many other people are excited that she is here. Mr. Rowely, the vice principal, said “I think she is awesome lucky to have her”. Ms.Shephard said that she is excited to have her.

So many people think she is nice and she is  “When I was in junior high I had a hard time, and I often felt lonely. I remember my teachers made a big difference in helping me have a good day-- I still remember how awesome they were! Since then, I've always wanted to be a teacher.” said Ms.Mower. She can help people learn math some may take more time to learn it and some may be fast in it.” I felt something really special when I came to SJHS. The teachers and the students seemed happy to be here. When I first visited the school a student gave me an oragami dragon! I knew I would feel welcome here and I knew this was a place I wanted to be.” said Ms.Mower thank that student for that that student made a change but not only did he/she but she did too.

“Really cares about her students”said Mr.Rowley “all kids will like her said Ms.Shephard. She cares a lot about her students so you should give her a chance if you don't just yet if you get to know her you would really like her she is a great a teacher. “I love it so far! My students are the BEST!” She is a great teacher go and meet her and learn more about her.